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Upper-right Marmot
The folks who originally provided our web space, Jan and Leo Doyle, as a condition for hosting our site, asked us to include at least one marmot-free page.

This is it.

During our chapter's 1994 board elections, we published Candidate Election Statements. These were the usual motherhood and apple-pie stuff, except for Eric Kollenberg's:
"I have three goals if elected to the Board.  First, to preserve the balanced, not-too-frivolous, not-too-serious attitude of the current board.  Second, to increase participation in the chapter, especially by occasional attendees.  Third, to put a live marmot on Bill Zigo's head.  Okay, maybe two goals."

Things kinda got out of hand from there...
Bill, Eric, Marmot
"I'm ready for you, Kollenberg." -- Bill Zigo




Writer Prehistoric
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